“Feature Toggles are a powerful technique, allowing teams to modify system behavior without changing code…. Toggles introduce complexity. We can keep that complexity in check by using smart toggle implementation practices and appropriate tools to manage our toggle configuration, but we should also aim to constrain the number of toggles in our system” — Martin Fowler

Feature toggles are a powerful tool but as Martin Fowler mentioned in this article, they can also be quite hard to implement.

In this blog I’ll demonstrate how feature toggles in AWS can become a simple task and a great tool that you must…

As engineers we should always strive to write simple code.

One common pitfall which is typical to many programming languages and not only to Python is the horrible if-elif misusage.

If you want to tackle this issue and to improve your code readability and maintainability, stick around, this article is for you!

Request Handler Use Case

A customer management system receives requests.

In my previous blog post “AWS Lambda Event Validation — from Zero to Hero”, I showed how to parse AWS Lambda event schemas correctly and how to handle event validation exceptions.

The “weapon” of choice was an excellent Python library called Pydantic.

In this blog post we’ll take it up a notch and improve our validation solution even further by using a new & awesome library called AWS Lambda Powertools.

If you’re unfamiliar with event validation with Pydantic, check out Part 1 in this series.

So, why should you continue reading?

Well, for 3 simple reasons:

  1. You will learn how to reduce your validation code in…

So, you’ve started your serverless journey. It’s new and exciting and there’s lots to learn. You begin with your first AWS Lambda function. Everything looks fine and it just works, your Lambda gets an input event and produces output.

However, problems tend to arise when unhandled exceptions and failures are encountered. These prove to be rather expensive, when not dealt with properly, as they can cause unexpected bugs, security issues and costly Lambda retries.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to parse event schemas correctly and how to handle event validation exceptions. …

Ran Isenberg

System Architect at CyberArk, Serverless blogger and public speaker. Designs and creates AWS SaaS services.

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